What Makes Us Different

At KG Home, we

  • Manage each client’s timetable for job completion;
  • Schedule and supervise all sub-contractors;
  • Schedule and supervise all local and state inspections;
  • Order, schedule, inspect and oversee delivery of all materials;
  • Provide written, accurate and timely estimates, change orders and invoices as each job progresses – ensuring there are no suprises;
  • Provide every client a beautiful, well-designed finished product, on-time and on-budget.

Ken Skalski

KG Home

My name is Ken Skalski, and I am the owner of, and principle contractor at, KG Home. KG Home is a home remodeling and renovation company that I founded in 2001.

From the company’s inception, and to this day, I approach each and every project, and conduct all of my work, as if I was working on my own home. I personally oversee and work on each and every job, and I have put together a talented team of craftsmen with a stable of talented tradesmen as electricians, plumbers, roofers and masons.

I grew up in Toledo, Ohio and attended the University of Toledo where I majored in theater set design and construction and lighting design. I went on to Rochester Institute of Technology where I received a BFA in Photography. I had a successful business in NYC for over 25 years where I photographed for a host of clients.

I have lived in the New York area for over 35 years, living in Ossining for the last 10 of those years. I know my way around NYC and Westchester very well and I like finding new houses to explore.

I understand the complexities of the renovation process, the need to think outside the box when troubleshooting and how to make the best of the situation at hand. I take pride in my work and my reputation for perfection.

Please call me if you have a renovation, restoration or remodeling project in Westchester, NYC or the tri-state area. I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and to assist you in turning your dreams into reality.